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Full Workouts for Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Biceps, Legs, & Abs

Hardcore Muscle Building Training Videos
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Lee Hayward's 3 Month Before & After Physique Transformation!
This is my personal 3 month physique transformation that I have achieved by following the training techniques covered in the "Extreme Fat Loss" AND the "Hardcore Muscle Building" programs.

I've been faithfully using both of these programs in my contest preparation for the 2010 Atlantic Canadian Bodybuilding Championships. As you can see in the pictures I've not only lost a ton of stubborn bodyfat, but I've been able to pack lean rock hard muscle mass in the process as well.

So if you're looking to make your very own dramatic "before" and "after" physique transformation, whether it's to get in killer shape for a beach vacation, to look your best for a special event such as a wedding, high school reunion, or maybe you want to take it to the competition level and compete in a bodybuilding show like me.

You can follow this exact training and nutritional system, just like I've outlined for you here on these videos to transform your body faster then you ever thought possible!

all the best,
Lee Hayward
(Your Muscle Building Coach!)

Product Description:

Hardcore Muscle Building
"How To Train Beyond Muscular Failure To Achieve Maximum Muscle Gains"

Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels with ineffective workouts that just give you a temporary "pump up" in the gym, but then leave you looking the same week after week with no real changes in your strength and muscular development?

Are you looking for a serious mass building program that produces instant muscle gains and FAST?

Well if so you need to listen up because you're about experience muscle growth and strength gains unlike anything you've ever experienced before with the...

"Hardcore Muscle Building Video Training System!"

This is an advanced mass and strength building workout program that incorporates high level training techniques such as heavy power rack lockouts, partial range "burn reps", and heavy negative rep training to maximize muscle stimulation.

So if you have been working out hard and consistent for at least a year and have reached a plateau with your workouts, why not give the "Hardcore Muscle Building" training system a try for yourself?

This video set contains a full week or "Real Workouts" using the HCMB approach to training. My good friend and fellow bodybuilding competitor Andy Pratt and myself go through each and everyone of these workouts together in the gym, set for set, as training partners.

This isn't some "exercise demo" video. The "Hardcore Muscle Building" videos show real workouts, real effort, real weights, and real coaching. This is the raw and un-cut and un-edited training footage. HCMB is the next best thing to having me workout with you in the gym one-on-one as your personal coach.

I'll personally show you EXACTLY how to:

  • Increase the weight you lift for your major exercises by as much as 50% within your very first week of following this system with heavy power rack lock out training.
    To put this in perspective, let's say you are currently benching 200 pounds right now, imagine the growth you're going to experience when you are able to put your muscles under tension with 300 pounds for reps!

  • Are you looking for yard wide shoulders and cannon ball sized delts? Well the kick ass hardcore shoulder workout will trash your delts like nothing else, you'll be doing heavy overload reps and partial "burn reps" to take your sets past the point of failure.
    Note: You're going to be out shopping for bigger shirts within a month of following the chest and shoulder workouts alone!

  • Would you like to have a ripped V-shaped back that tapers down to a rock hard mid-section? Well doing heavy partial and negative rep pull ups like we show in HCMB videos will add width to your lats like nothing else.

  • Have you ever been called "chicken legs" before? Well, we've got the cure right here; heavy power rack lockout squats followed up by ball busting leg presses with partial "burn reps" at the end. This combo will blow up your quads with ripped muscularity.
    The only real draw back is that you may out grow your jeans!

  • Learn the truth about building monster calves!
    (hint: itís not just going super heavy like most guys do in the gym)
    The trick is "extreme stretching" between reps. The calves are a very dense and stubborn muscle group, but I've cracked the code on how to get those suckers to grow!

  • If you're looking for sleeve stretching muscular arms, then building huge triceps is the key! The triceps make up 2/3's of your upper arms, so if you want to stretch the tape measure you need to prioritize those tris. In the HCMB videos I'll show you a killer trick that hardly anyone knows about that will instantly increase the weight you can lift for tricep push downs by as much as 20% starting your very next workout.

  • You'll learn all this stuff and much much more...!
So if you're sick and tired of spinning your wheels with your boring ineffective workouts that leave you looking the same and lifting the same week after week, "Hardcore Muscle Building" is the workout solution you've been looking for!

Order now so you can get started building a powerful muscular physique "Hardcore Muscle Building" style!

Special Promotion:
This Week We're Giving Away These Videos For FREE
When You Become A Member Of Lee Hayward's
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