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Just Imagine The Powerful Muscular Physique That You Could Build By Utilizing These Proven Training Secrets...

E-book 1: Massive Muscle Pumping

Massive Muscle Pumping Think it's impossible to gain 25lbs of muscle in just 21 days? Think again!

Massive Muscle Pumping is guaranteed to help you destroy your own muscle mass barrier and gain Over 1 Pound of Muscle Density every day for 21 days.

Massive Muscle Pumping contains the most dynamic, unorthodox, and advanced training principles available today. The revolutionary training techniques revealed within this eBook are beyond normal by 21st century training standards. But you're not looking for normal training results, are you? You want to get stronger and more massive than you ever dreamed! With Massive Muscle Pumping, your EXPLOSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH (EMG Index) will be so impressive that no one will believe that you are anabolic steroid free.

In this NO BULL, 107 page, eBook, your pulse will race and you'll want to run to the gym to try out the all the plateau crashing intelligence found in this eBook. Underground information like:

  • The Japanese Counter-Split Body Blast System
  • The 24 Hour Float Method
  • The Juxtaposition Principle
  • The 3 x 3 x 3 Exercise System
  • The Shock Rebound Technique (SRT)
  • The SECRET for 'Leg-Cuts'
  • The Double-Oxygen Saturation Technique
  • The Atomic Triceps Program
  • The Regular Set Plus Fast Doubles Principle
  • An Anabolic Mega Vitamin/Mineral Regime
  • Stealth Mega-Calorie Diet (designed to thicken muscle fiber)
  • A Man's Breakfast
  • The Egg and Red Wine concoction! (A potent appetite stimulant)
  • Vince Grionda's Three Natural Anabolic Secrets!
  • Pros and Cons of a Muscular Bulk Routine
  • Evolutionary High-Volume Training
  • Euro-Blast Weight Gaining Big Secret!
  • Anabolic Pharmacology Factor (Tissue Drugs? Blessing or Curse?)

Make a Remarkable Metamorphosis Gain 25 Pounds
Of Muscular Bodyweight in Just 21 Days!

Richard Simons says that it has been his experience that those individuals who don’t find results with system (espoused in this Mega-gain e-report), are looking for a magic bullet to make them big and are not willing to go to the gym on a regular basis and put forth a valiant effort and determination that bodybuilding success demands.

Fortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of you hard-core bodybuilders who are committed to improving their physique. You are the individuals for whom I developed this e-report.

If you want and need the massive muscular physique of a (21st Century) True Iron Warrior then ‘lock and load’ and let’s ‘rock and roll into your new massive future. Don’t waste anymore valuable time. This complete (Mega-Gain) 107 page e-report pays off big.

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E-book 2: Special Big Arms Report

How would you like to add up to a HALF INCH of muscle on your arms in one day?

Believe it or not... it works! Upper arm size and development is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) of all muscle groups among "iron game" enthusiasts. It is no small wonder that we are constantly looking for that "secret exercise" or (even more exciting) a "secret routine" that will increase upper arm size dramatically.

Look no more.

The SPECIAL BIG ARMS REPORT Neural One-Day Blitz System is your "gateway" to bigger arms, by as much as 1/2 inch in 24 hours. This system is designed to cut out all the bulls**t and go straight for the jugular.

The uniqueness and pure genius of the Special Big Arms Report is how quickly you get results. Adding 1/2 inch to your arms in one day will be an exciting challenge. Those previous frustrating and boring moments of shooting for a measly 1/16th of an inch on your upper arms will fade into the past.

You have to fight for big arms, and the 16 Stepping Stones revealed within the pages of the Special Big Arms Report will give you all the edge you need to accomplish this goal.

Some of the results-producing training and nutritional techniques you'll learn about in the 16 Stepping Stones will give you the weapons you need mentally and physically to win the Big Arms race. You'll learn about such topics as:

  • The Innovative 1 & 2 Rep System.
  • The Best Core Growth Exercises.
  • The 19 Super-Intense Shock Training Arm Blast Routines.
  • The Manual Over-Speed Rep Factor.
  • The Hourly Protein Pump Feeding Method.
  • Mind Power Doctrine of an Iron Warrior - You will learn how to harness a tidal wave of mental energy to get you through the commando-tough workouts.

The Special Big Arms Report includes a huge addendum that features very necessary info on Elite Exercise Mastery Descriptions, Muscle Meal Recipes, Strength Chart, and a FREE BONUS "Super-Calves" Report.

Brother! You've never seen anything like this definitive "no fear of failure" Big Arms Report for adding 1/2 inch to the arms in one day. This system has proven effective for 89% of the Iron Game enthusiasts in private gyms across the USA and in Europe.

The Special Big Arms Report Neural One-Day Blitz System is the most dynamic and unorthodox arm training system available today for adding 1/2 inch to the arms in one day.

Why wait? Make the next 24 hours the most productive ever in arm gains.

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E-book 3: Armed Power Now!

Upper Arm Workout Routine Stimulate your arms to grow even faster by learning the secret exercises and techniques for developing massively veined and ripped arms fast even anabolic steroid-free! The 42 page Armed Power Now features 3 of the GREATEST 'Almost Illegal' UPPER ARM ROUTINES of all time.

Follow the powerful and comprehensive information in this miracle eBook and experience some incredible results in upper arm development that will make your arms look like they're ready for Ripley's Believe It Or Not! In fact, your gains will be so impressive no one will believe that you are drug-free!

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E-book 4: Forearms of Steel

Forearms of Steel HEY! Whatever happened to Popeye type forearms that were so powerful they would scare the hell out of the common man when he viewed them? Yeah those were forearms and they were the kind that could lock and load a nasty fist full of knuckles to make a point when necessary.

If you think that you're doomed to go through life with really skinny forearms... Forget it!

This 25 page eBook reveals in detail how the immortal Strong Men and Canadian lumberjacks developed their record-size, exploding from rolled up sleeves, forearms.

And it will show you how to make your forearm muscles bulge with awesome power and unprecedented muscular size. You'll discover the six fearless forearm routines outlined in this eBook.

If you're ready for a challenge, dynamic POWERFUL forearms with eye catching shape and definition can be yours. But you must take ACTION. Don't fail yourself! Everything you need to know for creating a living monument to forearm greatness is contained in this amazing eBook.

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E-book 5: Mike Dayton's Legendary Feats of Strength

Strongman Training NOW IT’S POSSIBLE to perform spectacular feats of strength that will thrill and amaze all your friends. Here, at last, is a complete e-report that reveals for the first time ever how to perform authentic old-time FEATS OF STRENGTH as exhibited on stage by strongman supreme Mike Dayton.

If you have ever desperately wanted to perform strongman feats or prove your power with dynamite results, here is the e-report for you. Mike clearly explains and outlines step-by-step how to perform a myriad of feats of strength.

Your muscle power can’t help but explode with excitement as you learn from Mike Dayton how to:

…Break Handcuffs!
…Tear Phone Books!
…Break Baseball Bats!
…Bend Steel Bars!
…Bend Coins!
…Tear A Tennis Ball!
…and MORE!

This e-report is the FIRST and ONLY instruction, that no body else talks about, for learning exactly how to prepare and perform FEATS OF STRENGTH.

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E-book 6: Acquire Cinderblock Abs - The Australian Way!

Shredded Six Pack Abs Want Shredded Cinderblock Ab Development? This E-report reveals the step-by-step plan that will help you achieve shredded abs fast.

The 53 page eBook Acquire Cinderblock Abs the Australian Way!

Interrelated Abdominal Exercise Selection

Seven Amazing Stages of Blow-Torch Intensity

Twelve Ab Matrix Techniques (to build, shape, and rip your abs)

Ab Matrix Tips

Daily Nutrition (includes two Fat Buster diets)

Aerobic Conditioning (revealed here is the "20/10 x 6 System")

Exercise Mastery Descriptions (follow the explicitly calculated exercise descriptions and feel the difference!)

-->> BONUS 1:
Shredded Abs - A Formula for an Etched Visceral Washboard!

-->> BONUS 2:
Slam Training the Abs.

-->> BONUS 3:
Chuck Sipes 1967 One Year of Total Ab Specialization.

-->> BONUS 4:
Charles L. Amato's 1975 Overall Approach to Ab Training.

All of the time-proven secrets for developing superb, sculptured, deeply etched, rippling, cinderblock abs are revealed in this ultimate instruction-packed report.

Separate yourself from the rest! Become a leader and not a follower when it comes to your Ab training. Be the "one man in a thousand" to Acquire Cinderblock Abs The Australian Way! Take action NOW!

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E-book 7: Ted Arcidi - The Boss of the Bench Press

Ted Arcidi - The Boss of the Bench Press Stop making excuses about your weak bench press and start making progress with the "Ted Arcidi 'Boss of the Bench Press' eBook."

In case you never heard of him, in 1985 Ted Arcidi shocked the weightlifting world by becoming the first person to officially bench press 705 lbs. This interview format eBook reveals how he did it.

Dennis asked Ted the tough questions about how he was able to officially bench pressed 705 lbs... And you won't find Ted's answers anywhere else.

You'll learn Ted's tips on his training techniques, cycling workouts, overcoming injuries, genetics, nutrition, cardio, anabolic steroids and more.


How this legend of power-lifting cycled his training for preparation and competition throughout the year. Ted also talks about his famous 10 day countdown technique which reveals the adjustments he made prior to his world record bench press.

Special Bonus Report - Ted's Precision Bench Pressing Technique.

There is one topic about Arcidi's "war on the bench press," which has not been covered in previous articles and that is his actual, state-of-the-art bench pressing style. If you ever have the opportunity to see a world-caliber power lifting champion such as Ted Arcidi in action, you will notice that he doesn't just walk up to the bench, collapse on it, grab the bar, and attempt to bench a world record weight. It is a thoughtful precision technique coupled with drilling on the mechanics of the bench press that have allowed Arcidi to set the standard for 21st- century championship bench pressing technique.

This report is the exact blueprint (workout schedule) for upping the gain factor in bench pressing success that Ted highly recommends for the beginner, intermediate to advanced power bodybuilder. There are probably as many opinions about what constitutes a gain theory bench press schedule as there are experts. Ted feels to this day that the this program works quite well not only for achieving a personal best bench press but also for gaining muscular size.

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E-book 8: World Class Benching

World Class Bench Pressing "Ken Lain's Record Breaking Crusade in the Bench Press"

Add 25 lbs or more to Your Bench Press GUARANTEED! That's right! In less than 65 days you will be bench pressing at least 25 lbs more than what you are currently capable of pressing. That is if you follow the advice of Ken Lain, one of the premier bench pressers in the world and a member of the exclusive '700 Club' in that lift. Ken was the first man to set the world record (bench press) lifts in the three heaviest weight classes: 242 lbs, 275 lbs, and super heavyweight.

One of Ken's success components for ultimate training is the bold and revolutionary 10 Week Matrix Bench Press Program and Ken reveals it in this special interview eBook. This is your golden opportunity to DOMINATE mountains of heavy iron in the bench press like never before. Caution: Side effects may include: Wide-Load Shoulders, 18" arms, and a 50" chest.
-->> BONUS:

If you order today, you'll also get a special bonus report...
Discover how Pat Casey became the first man in weightlifting history to bench press 600 lbs back in the 1960’s (this was way before the bench press shirt).

Pat Casey Bench Pressing 600 lbs.

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E-book 9: Fred 'Dr. Squat' Hatfield's Heavy Iron Seminar

Dr. Squat Fred Hatfield's Heavy Iron Seminar Let me ask you a question: How would you like to boost your strength through the roof and build some huge slabs of rock hard muscle in the process? Sounds like fun?

Good, because Fred C. Hatfield, "Dr. Squat" is going to show you how. Fred's greatest claim to fame came in 1987, at age 45 when, at a body weight of 255 lbs, he lifted 1014 lbs in the squat - more weight than any man in history had ever lifted successfully in competition.

Now get prepared to climb into the mind of one of weightlifting's best, and begin to absorb a higher knowledge of lifting strategies than you have ever experienced before. The Heavy Iron Seminar is the exact insights and techniques from Fred 'Dr. Squat' Hatfield, a man who's lived in the trenches of weightlifting warfare.

Fred addresses such topics as: The Five-Ten-Five Method, Peaking Cycles, and the Soviet Union Secret for Increasing Explosive Power. Rest assured that all of the topics have been thoroughly researched, referenced, and most importantly they work. Invest in this revolutionary eBook now!

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E-book 10: The Triple Phase Powdered Creatine Plan

Creatine Cycle Plan Think you've read everything that there is to read about Creatine? Not satisfied with you past results from Creatine? Then this eBook is the key to your future success with this supplement.

How to take Creatine.

How much Creatine to take.

How to cycle Creatine.

The 3 'unique' cycling phases.

This e-report also includes:

The Every-Other-Day Creatine Strategy.

The One-Day-A-Week Creatine Strategy.

The Super Saturation Creatine Loading Chart For Men.

The Loading and Maintenance Chart For Women.

The Creatine 'Secrets' of Pro Bodybuilders.

These ALMOST ILLEGAL 'behind-closed-doors' SECRETS will produce immediate and significant bodybuilding results.

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E-book 11: The Jettison Technique

state-of-the-art weight training methods This comprehensive eBook contains NEW, state-of-the-art training methods to help you add tons of natural muscle. Within the pages of THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE, Dennis unveils his innovative dual-resistance training system that's guaranteed to give you a Mega-Pump to your muscles.

Dennis doesn't care what group of the Iron Game fraternity you belong to -- the hard gainer, the genetic superior champion, or the anabolic steroid user. Using Dennis's JETTISON TECHNIQUE, you're going to become bigger, thicker, and stronger by adding this to your training regimen. Highlights in this breakthrough manual include:

Unique Rubber Bands / Free Weights Technique

The 25/25 Giant Cycle Principle

The 25/25 Reverse Giant Cycle Principle

The Technique Emphasis System

THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE is logical, comprehensive, and can be learned quickly and easily with as little fuss as possible. Prepare yourself for one of the most dramatic and powerful, super-intense workouts you will ever experience for violently stimulating explosive muscle growth.

The closely guarded secrets contained within THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE can be yours right now. Get the unfair advantage all the others will miss.

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E-book 12: Hip Belt Squats 'The Great Anabolic Equalizer'

Hip Belt Squats - The Great Anabolic Equalizer This e-report for developing the ultimate in explosive quads is not excessively long nor is it over simplified or short. It is not just theory. It works!!! You will learn in explicitly calculated detail one of the best exercises for blasting your quads and hamstrings into the piston action force of a kangaroo kick.

Mighty jet-charged, large impressive KILLER QUADS! loaded with power and slabs of undiluted muscular refinement will be yours in a few short weeks. The information in this e-report is encapsulated for easy, quick reading and effective application.

In a few short weeks, you'll be known around the gym as quadzilla!

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E-book 13: Barbell Clean & Press 'A Forgotten Exercise!'

Barbell Clean and Press In this information-packed, result-producing eBook, Dennis reveals how to build broad, massive, and powerful shoulders! And, he'll show you how to enhance overhead pressing strength.

This muscle building eBook reveals many of the secrets for obtaining MOUNTANIOUS OVERHEAD PRESSING STRENGTH. You'll discover such detailed technical tips and instruction as:

The 10 Tracking Patterns of the Overhead Barbell Press.

The Power Rack Attack.

The 90 Day Graduated Incline Press System.

The Famous Doug Hepburn One-Rep System.

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E-book 14: Drug-Free Contest Training

Drug Free Bodybuilding Contest Training Getting ready for a bodybuilding competition begins many months in advance of the show. The gold mine of information contained in this 22 page eBook is a winning step-by-step training approach that can be used for an upcoming bodybuilding competition or whenever you want to lean out like a top male model.

The pre-contest training blueprint contained inside was created by Steve Davis - a former IFBB champion. Steve used this system over three decades ago to achieve what many in the bodybuilding world considered at the time to be the absolute maximum in muscularity and muscle size. This eBook will show you how to achieve total ripped muscularity while maintaining mass. Steve will show you how you can continue to train with very heavy weights without losing your muscle definition.

In this report you will learn about the:

The 12-Second Rep.

The training Efficiency Rate.

The Seven Progression Levels of Muscle Growth.

The New Breed 'Master' Diet and Total Supplementation Plan.

The Beverly International Nutrition Plan.

Learning how to fine tune your pre-contest training to an exact science will guide you to victory where it counts most-on the stage, in a photo shoot or out at a club. Read this report and take the 'hit and miss' guess work out of your spartan pre-contest training.

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E-book 15: Dennis Charles Tinerino Talks About Bodybuilding

Dennis Charles Tinerino Talks About Bodybuilding The Lost 1988 Seminar.

As we move into the 21st century the anabolic steroids controversy continues to rage. Can you achieve unsurpassed gains in muscle size and strength without crossing the line?

Well, Dennis Charles Tinerino, one of the world's most internationally respected pro-bodybuilders, thinks so and 'breaks the code of silence' by revealing the 'real life' training secrets that the world's best non-anabolic steroid bodybuilding 'champs' ARE NOT telling you about. In his 'Jaw Dropping' 35-page seminar, Dennis clearly focuses on the ways that the body can create an anabolic state to increase size and strength.

This eye-opening seminar will inspire you to new levels of commitment and give you that motivational 'edge' in your training.

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E-book 16: Embryonic Bodybuilding

Don Ross Embryonic Bodybuilding Back in the 80s and early 90s the late Don Ross (Pro Mr. America, prolific bodybuilding authority, and author of the book MUSCLEBLASTING) and Dennis Weis used to engage in spirited conversations about the many aspects involved in bodybuilding. In Embryonic Bodybuilding, Dennis shares the many insights he got from these conversations. Insights into the best high intensity training strategies and the most effective formulas for Sets, Reps, and Exercises.

If you are failing to stimulate maximum muscle growth and want second-to-none muscle mass gains, then you owe it to your self to learn the advanced bodybuilding methods in this no fail eBook.

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E-book 17: Echoes From the Power Storm That Was Chuck Sipes

Chuck Sipes one bodybuilding's greatest legends Chuck Sipes was one of bodybuilding's greatest legends (1959 IFBB Mr. America, 1961 Mr. Universe, and 1968 Mr. World). Here for the first time are the unpublished articles of Chuck Sipes as dictated to Dennis Weis.

The purpose of this 163 page eBook is to show you the exact methods, lessons, and philosophies Dennis learned from Chuck over a span of 15 years. These are the methods Dennis used to make gains that enabled him to become a winning bodybuilder.

I invite you now to tap into the mind of one of the greatest Bodybuilding Power Heroes who ever lived - Chuck Sipes!

The 35 thoughtfully selected training articles revealed in this eBook were crafted from Chuck's strength contest and physique contest preparation system. The system Chuck used for strength contest preparation included: heavy strict power movements (exercises such as the Barbell Bench Press, Squat and Conventional Dead lift) combined with the "cheating principle," "supports" and "quarter-movements."

In contrast, Chuck's approach for physique contest preparation involved lighter pumping movements for shape and muscularity. The strength contest and physique contest preparation systems are certainly two different competition venues but, as you will see, Chuck had a calculated way in which he combined them to achieve the ultimate in size, shape, muscularity and strength.

Additionally Chuck always went a step further by including a compilation of the little know or forgotten "incognito" training tips and techniques. I call them "TNT's"! They are intense and they pack an explosive wallop in the muscle gain department. Some of these "incognito" training tips and techniques include:










  • 1 TO 10 TO 1 TECHNIQUE


  • 4-21-16- 4 CONCEPT






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E-book 18: Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar

Golden Era of bodybuilding - Chuck Sipes The 47 page Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar eBook reveals in Chuck's own words how he prepared for and won the 1968 IFBB Mr. World title.

You will marvel as Chuck explains his revolutionary training and nutritional philosophies that allowed him to obtain his best gains ever in size, shape, and muscularity.

Experience a Golden Era of bodybuilding as Chuck Sipes, a great champion of yesterday, reveals his pro bodybuilding strategies for winning contests. This advanced "Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar" is fast becoming a collector's item.

Chuck attained a peak condition where, at 5 feet 9-1/2 inches, he weighed 220 lbs. His measurements were: arms, 19-1/2 inches; chest, 50 inches; waist, 32 inches; thighs, 25-1/2 inches; calves, 18 inches.

This veteran of the iron game was enormously strong and, at a bodyweight of 220 lbs, could bench press 570 lbs, perform full squats with 600 lbs, and do barbell curls with 250 lbs.

You will learn in detail how this IFBB professional packed on muscle mass, power, and got shredded, with the most dramatic, realistic, results-producing Double Pyramid and Support Training ever devised (even to this day, nearly 4 decades later) to promote the ultimate in size and strength.

Experience a Golden Era of bodybuilding as Chuck Sipes, a great champion of yesteryear, reveals his pro bodybuilding strategies for winning contests. This advanced "Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar" is fast becoming a collector's item.

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E-book 19: Bits of Advice and Routines

Bodybuilding Advice This huge eBook is a clear and concise compilation of articles & letters that Dennis wrote for IronMan Magazine back in the 1970s and 80s. Here are the training secrets the top physique stars of bodybuilding gave to him for achieving unsurpassed gains in size and strength!

Including: Chuck Sipes, Charles L. Amato, Boyer Coe, Dave Draper, and Larry Scott. These 64 pages are full of useful training advice and fascinating information. There is more than a year's worth of training wisdom packed into this monstrous eBook.

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E-book 20: Secret Exercises Of Physique Champions

Secret Exercises Of Physique Champions When it comes to exercises, physique champions are not bound by the shackles of just doing the regular so called core exercise movements all the time; rather they are always experimenting, looking for unusual or more efficient exercises to perform.

Do as the champion bodybuilders do by closely examining the exercises you are currently performing and see if they are giving you the results you desire.

Here are just a few of the 13 little know secret exercises physique champions use to keep their muscles big & defined.

- Measured Movement Power Deadlift (Wooden Plank Concept)
- Tensile Contraction Leg Curl
- Compound-Towel-Chins-Lever
- Gironda V-Bar Dips
- Weight Release-Bench Press Tool
- Atomic Triceps Blaster Push-Ups
- Harvey Maxime Bar Apparatus

Be warned, the speed with which these little know secret exercises stimulate large scale gains in size and strength, may shock you. These private but secret exercises are T.N.T.! They will transform a dull, arduous, run-of-the-mill workout into an exhilarating and inspiring, enjoyable and productive experience! Enjoy this long awaited priceless thesis.

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E-book 21: Buyers Beware! Mail-Order Muscle Ads

Mail Order Muscle Ads ATTENTION! This eye-opening 32 page eBook is Dennis's very personalized analysis of the world of mail-order muscle - the ads seen in mainstream bodybuilding magazines and websites.

Within the pages of this report he takes you into the sleazy, greedy world of the devious, unscrupulous rogues of mail-order muscle ads and reveals their grab bag of unethical tricks and outright lies.

You will learn the major reasons why people get conned and how to fight back and win by following 7 Explosive Strategies.

This huge and comprehensive report also reveals:

Why the Magazine Publishers Are Not at Fault.

The List of the Stand & Deliver Advertisers (the good guys).

How to tell the Difference Between Camouflage (too good to be true) and Legitimate Advertisers.

Four Encapsulated Mail-Order Muscle Ad Stories: Mr. America in Six Months; The Nine Months Experience; Cash in the Mail; and Flagrant Consumer Reaming.

Sample Mail-Order Muscle Ads, Q&As, and much more!

If you agree that it is important to know the difference between fact and fiction in mail-order muscle ads, then I urge you to read this special eBook immediately.

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E-book 22: The Bodybuilder’s Cookbook

The Bodybuilders Cookbook The Need has Long Existed... So AT LAST...!


A pioneer in the physical culture scene the name Ernest F. Cottrell became synonymous as an undisputed muscle building nutritional coach due to his success of turning bodybuilder’s dreams of real muscle size and strength gains into a reality through sound nutritional concepts accurately applied, rather than through anabolic steroid induced gains.

Within the covers of The Bodybuilder’s eCookbook, Ernest F. Cottrell shares his expertise with a powerful compilation of nutritional comments which will empower you to take control of your eating habits and as a result make the best possible muscle gains.


  • 20 Hi-Protein Malts!
  • 20 Hi-Protein Sandwiches!
  • 20 Hi-Protein Snacks!
  • 15 Hi-Protein Soup & Stews!
  • 5 Quick Very Hi-Protein Breads & Cakes!
  • 10 Hi-Protein Desserts!
  • 5 Hi-Protein Candy Bars!
  • 5 Hi-Protein Cereals!
  • 10 Quick Hi-Protein Meat Dishes!
  • 6 Hi-Protein Sauces & Gravies!
  • 2-Weeks of Easy-to-Follow Menu Suggestions!
  • Quick, Delicious Gourmet Cooking Secrets for Best Taste!
  • Complete Breakdown of Protein Grams, Carbohydrate Grams, Fats and Calories! Know What You Eat…
  • Effective Slim-Down without Starvation, Muscularize, etc. Eat the foods you think you couldn't, gain muscle and lose fat! (forbidden foods)


If you are looking to pack on serious muscle, The Bodybuilders eCookbook reveals all you will ever need to know about the nutritional requirements for super-charged muscle growth.

Just click on the “Add Item To Cart” button below to buy the Bodybuilder’s Cookbook e-book for only $9.99

No Gimmicks, No BS, Just Honest Advice
That Cuts Through All The Hype.

Here's what top Fitness Experts have to say about Dennis’ E-books...

Nick Nilsson Dennis has really outdone himself with these incredible e-reports. As a dedicated trainer myself, I eagerly devoured the information I found in them! He presents invaluable advice on arm training, abdominal training, creatine supplementation, and much more.
I've been a personal trainer for 9 years and have been weight training for more than 16 years and I found myself nodding in both agreement and amazement at the powerful information in these reports.

I wholeheartedly recommend these reports to anyone interested in building a stronger, more muscular physique.

Nick Nilsson
Author of "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of"

Tom Venuto Dennis, I've always been a big fan of yours. I grew up reading your stuff and it really had an impact on where I am today!

In fact, I have MASS and ANABOLIC MUSCLE MASS sitting on my shelf at arms reach right here in front of me. I was always amazed at how prolific you and Robert Kennedy were.

Being so familiar with your materials. I would endorse anything from you whole-heartedly.

Tom Venuto
Author of "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle"

Nelson Montana Dennis Weis is a guy who has seen it all and done it twice.

He provides detailed information which is foolproof and dead on. If you want to know how to get stronger and more muscular, listen to what he has to say!

Nelson Montana
Author of "The Bodybuilding Truth"

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