Pics Taken September 17, 2005 At The
Heavyweights Classic Bodybuliding Championships

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Pics From The Dark Side...

I did a kick ass posing routine. I used props and did a whole Darth Vader posing routine. I started my routine with the stage lights off so it was totally dark on stage and you could not see anything. I had quotes from the "Revenge Of The Sith" movie and Darth Vader breathing sounds playing in my music.

I also had an actual Darth Vader light sabre movie prop and had the light sabre sounds in my music. I swung the light sabre around in time with the sounds so it actually looked and sounded like a real light sabre. The crowd went nuts when I powered up the light sabre, you could hear the audience gasp and the owwws and ahhhs. It went perfect, just the way I had planned, I hit the timing with each swing and the sound effects in sync.

Then when I turned the sabre off, they turned on the overhead stage lights and I went through my actual posing routine. When the video of the show comes out Iíll be sure to post a video clip of my routine for everyone to see.

But for now here are some pics...

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