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By Bob Myhal

Everyone has the natural ability to quickly gain significant amounts of lean muscle mass. The key is training intelligently. The Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program is the most intelligent Training Program ever developed. Itís exactly what you need to take your physique to new heights. But donít take my word for it. Hereís what people who are currently using the Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program have recently said about it:



"Dear Bob,Let me start by saying.....Thanks soooo much!! I have just completed your 12-week UMM program and I am amazed with the results. I am completely satisfied with the changes in my physique. I am simply amazed!! Thanks so much!! Thanks for your UMM program!!!! It worked."     Regards, Nadia

"I just finished up week 8 of the Ultimate Muscle Training program. Thanks a lot for a great program. Never before have I made such consistent gains. I've put on 15 lbs of lean muscle mass, and I'm not even finished with the full 12 weeks!"-Jason

"Hey Bob, just finished my fourth week on the Anabolic Diet and the Ultimate Muscle Program. And here I am 15 pounds heavier. Incredible results and great strength gained to go along with it. My bench has gone up 20 pounds. I Appreciate what you've done." --Noah

 "Hello Bob, I just finished up the Ultimate Muscle Mass Program from you and it worked absolutely fabulous. I am very impressed with the whole program. I gained 23lbs of pure muscle in 12 weeks, that is amazing... I look and feel great now. Thanks tons!"--Jamie

"Dear Bob, I am extremely thrilled with your program. I have gained 8 pounds in a short amount of time and it is the real thing, not water. I have tried to gain weight for years, nothing was as easy as the Anabolic program along with the Muscle Mass program. (I was amazed at the importance of depriving the body for a short time and the results it yields.) I am getting married in a week and feel great about the change in the way I look. My new nickname at the gym is  "Kim the Animal Steel!"  Thank you so much!"

"I just completed the 12 week program and I have gained 15 pounds of lean muscle mass! Thanx for a great program."  --Mike

"Hi Bob
Your program is great! I lost 6% fat and stayed a little above my preprogram weight. I'm also lifting more poundage then ever before. Not much, I suppose but I'm about twice your age.Thanks again!"  --Steve

"I just wanted to give some feedback on your Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program. I am finishing up my fourth week and I have gained between 6 and 7 pounds of muscle. The way it is written leaves nothing to chance. I have the 4 week diet program also and it has kicked my body into overdrive." --Matt

"I started your Ultimate Muscle Mass Program 9 weeks ago . . . I have dropped lots of fat as I now for the first time in my life have a full six-pack of abs. I think this is great!! People are constantly commenting on how big I have gotten and girls talk about my muscles or want to touch them! I don't really like all this kind of attention, however it proves to me that I have made some noticeable improvements in the last 3 months. Thanks again for your help!" --Dominic

Everyday people email and call telling me about the great results theyíre seeing with this Program. Itís working for them . . . and itíll work for you!

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Based on the latest scientific research into the body's natural growth cycles, the Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program shows you exactly what you need to do to pack on muscle quickly, safely, and permanently. This comprehensive Mass Building System will show you how to add 10, 15, even 20 pounds of quality muscle in just a few short weeks.

The Program includes very specific training guidelines along with tons of other muscle-blasting information. It includes week by week training plans, my sample program for natural bodybuilders like me, and lot's more. You get page after page of precise details on how to get the body you want FAST.

I designed this Program only for both men and women who are serious about developing a solid, muscular physique. It has been custom designed specifically to enable you to add muscle and reduce fat quickly and naturally without drugs and chemicals. Guaranteed Results If you fully implement this Program and fail to gain at least 10 pounds of solid muscle in the next 12 weeks . . . most people gain twice that . . . I'll refund every penny . . . no questions asked!

More testimonials:

"I look forward to working with you and I am already excited about the prospective results. I think that The Ultimate Mass Program is the best program I've seen. It is put together very well and the breakdown of workouts per respective weeks is excellent. Thanks for a solid program." --Steve

"Hi Bob I just received your Ultimate Muscle Mass Training package and the Anabolic Nutrition booklet and I must say I am impressed with the layout of the two. I was very impressed with the nutrition layout and how the 4 week cycle works and I must say I am anxiously awaiting the next Monday when I will start the program." --Scott

"Hey Bob . . . I just wanted to let you know how your outstanding program is working for me. After just 4 short weeks, I have achieved some freighting results. I've packed on 10 quality pounds (I do mean quality) and dropped 5% bodyfat...totally steroid-like effects using your body's own anabolic mechanism!!! Can't wait to see to "Final" results!!"
--Chad, USAF

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bicep curls

The Anabolic Nutrition Program is a breakthrough in muscle building nutrition. Designed specifically for the fitness enthusiasts looking to add muscle mass without dangerous drugs and chemicals, this Program uses everything we know about the natural anabolic and physiological processes of the body.

You'll learn precisely how to adjust your daily and weekly nutritional intake to force your body into an anabolic muscle building state. Don't worry, this isn't one of those dumb programs that has you counting every calorie and weighing your food . . . it's just good cutting-edge science that's easy to implement.

**The Program is packed with specific guidelines and recommendations, and it includes easy-to-follow sample nutrient targets and meal plans**

The Anabolic Nutrition Program usually sells for $12.95 (plus shipping), but I'll include it FREE of charge if you order your copy of The Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program TODAY!

 So you'll get the Ultimate Muscle Mass Training Program and the Anabolic Nutrition Program for only $19.99 (plus shipping).

More and more bodybuilders from around the world are using these programs to add some serious muscle mass FAST--just heard from a guy in Dublin who's all fired up about the gains he's making!  I'll get the Programs right out to you as soon as I receive your order. Then when you get started, we can follow-up by email if you have any questions.

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P.S. I'm not one to over-hype my own stuff, but I take great pride in making all my Training Programs the best and most up-to-date you can find. They just flat out work.

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Bob Myhal

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