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"Gained 43 lbs. Of Muscular Bodyweight!"

I just wanted to thank you for your tips and advice that you have given to me since I began training back in October 2003. I am now beginning to have the physique that I have always wanted, my skinny frame has become a distant memory although I still look at photos of myself taken three years ago to remind me not to return that way. I will always either maintain the way I look now, or maybe continue to try to get bigger. When I began training, at 6' 2", I was 187 pounds and very thin, I now weigh 230 pounds and people I have known for a long time comment on how big I look now, which is what I have always wished for.

The main reason why I want to thank you is because, like many other beginners, the first two years of my training I just concentrated on having a big upper body, I wanted big arms and that was it, and I was frustrated and writing to you for your advice on how to get big arms. I did train my legs once a week, but my chest, shoulders back and arm workouts were my priority, and I was getting nowhere, my arms grew a bit but not as much as I wanted them to. But just a few months ago, I read your tips on making deadlifts and squats a priority, squatting one and a half times my own bodyweight for 20 reps, and this is what changed my physique. I cannot squat one and a half times my own bodyweight for 20 reps yet, I can do about 4 reps, but making my leg routine my main workout has given me my overall mass, my arms are now becoming huge, forearms especially.

This has been a great breakthrough for me, thanks to you, and I hope that there will be others who gain like me through taking your advice.

Thanks Lee. Keep up the good work.

Paul Collins,
United Kingdom

From the desk of Bryan Kernan & Lee Hayward

Dear Friend,

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"17 lbs. In Just 3 Weeks!"

G'day Lee,

I visited your site a while back and and purchased your e-book and just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how I'm going with it.

I'm from Perth WA (Australia) and had been in the gym for a year without any increase in body mass and only small increase in weights. However, in the first 3 weeks I put on 17 lbs. and have significantly gone up in my weights when I used your Biogenetic plan!

Thanks so much for all your help.

Andrew Ivers
Perth Australia

My mate has started it to and I'm just as impressed as he is with the results he's getting!

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First, though, let me introduce myself.

My name is Bryan Kernan. You may know me as bodybuilding author, and I'm happy to say I've had some success as one. Not to brag but, I've personally helped over 10,000 bodybuilders worldwide with my bodybuilding nutrition, training, and supplement secrets.

I've authored 3 books on bodybuilding:

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I've kept most of my top "breakthrough" muscle building secrets to myself. I did it because quite frankly it's one of the reasons other bodybuilders seek me out for advice. My bread and butter so to speak. Revealing these secrets would be like shooting myself in the foot.

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I'm 41 years young and I downloaded and printed the Bio-Genetic Muscle Building Book. I've read it cover to cover. I started working out 2 years ago and I've made some decent gains, but am always wanting more. Since I read your Bio-Genetic Program, I changed my diet and training radically.

I'm 4 weeks into this now. The biggest hurdle I've had is getting paste 225 on the flat bench. When I started this program, I could get one, maybe two reps with a spot - now I do 4 or 5 WITHOUT a spot.....7 or 8 with a spot to force them out. Earlier this week, I did 265 for one rep! More than 40 pounds on my bench in 4 weeks. When I started 4 weeks ago, 225 for squats was pushing it. I just did 315 for squats today and it wasn't too hard. People are noticing that I'm putting on alot of size in my chest, shoulders and arms. This program is working!

Thanks for the program and all the good info.

I'll keep you posted.

Scott Miller

How would you like to grow new muscle every time you go to the gym?
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    "Gained 30 lbs. Of Muscular Bodyweight In 3 Months!"

    …I got you books online I enjoyed them and refer to them all the time. It's very hard to gain weight when you are tall, I'm 6'3". But I used your weight gainer techniques and went from 230 to 260 in 3 months! I have a 14 year old boy that I plan to start using some of your techniques. He is 6'5" and about 160 pound and is playing football and ice hockey…

    Thanks, you’re the man!

    — Doug Kennedy,

    "Gained 30 lbs. Of Muscular Bodyweight In 2 Months!"

    My name is Angelo Soto, and I purchased the Biogenetic Program a couple of months ago. My progress has been excellent, I gained thirty pounds and boosted up my strength all around dramatically. It's an amazing program!

    Thank you very much for everything,
    Angelo Soto

    "Gained 36 Pounds of Muscular
    Bodyweight In 3 1/2 Months! "


    I Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. Since I started the Bio Genetic program in the beginning of the new year I have gained 36 pounds and my gains have been 90% lean muscle.


    Andrew Laslett
    United Kingdom

    "Hardgainer Packs On 25 Pounds!"

    Your info is excellent. I have gained 25 pounds since April using your programs. I've always been a "hardgainer" or "ectomorph". Tall, thin and a high metabolism. But with the principles I have received from your program I have went from 185 to 210. I've had to buy new clothes. It is a good feeling.

    Thanks for all the help and info.


    "Gained 22 Pounds of Muscle In 12 Weeks!"


    I am truly satisfied at what I have become within the last 3 months of training on your biogenetic muscle gain program. I have gained 22lbs of muscle, and just become overall much stronger.

    Thanks again.

    Justin Muller

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