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(A Real Hardcore Gym)

Ramalho Henrique has been a regular visitor of www.leehayward.com for quite sometime. He lives in Mozambique-Maputo Africa. Ramalho recently sent me some pictures of his gym in Africa where he works out.

I’m posting this up on my website because I found it very inspirational and thought that it would help inspire and motivate others as well. Ramalho Henrique is a great example to show that regardless of your current situation you can still train hard and develop an impressive muscular physique, even with the most basic gym equipment.

Note: the page may take a minute to fully load due to all the pictures, especially for slower Internet connections.

Ramalho Henrique:
Ramalho Henrique

Bench Press:
Home Made Bench Press

Leg Extension:
Home Made Leg Extension

Leg Press:
Home Made Leg Press

Home Made Leg Press

Pull Ups:
Home Made Pull Up Bar Home Made Chin Up Bar

Home Made Squat Rack

Home Made Squat Rack

Leg Stretch

Ramalho's Gym

If you would like to be featured in the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Reader Spotlight and have a webpage similar to this one dedicated to you and your weight training accomplishments, then please e-mail me at: lee@leehayward.com