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Gary Hennessey's personal weight loss success story

Dear Lee:

I thought I would give you one of those few success stories as opposed to the many in the US which are overweight to obese in growing numbers. First, I would like to say I was searching the internet to find a site that offers a little more than the typical running, cycling sites for weight training. This is where I found your site. I believe it is a no non-sense web site and have implemented some of your exercises, and thanks for taking the time for the site, and all therein.

Briefly, here's my story:

I am 52 years old. I currently weigh 181 lbs., and am 5'7" tall, small-med frame. I am still overweight by 25-30 lbs and am losing once again. My goal is to get it off by the next 6 mos. I have lost 71 lbs in the last 1 1/2 yrs.

All my life from a 3 yrs old I have been obese. I hated exercise and never participated in any sports in school, or at any time in my life. I was the true couch potatoe! W/O going into the actual reasons why I started losing weight, (would take to long) I started in April 2003. I joined a gym w/my wife down the street from my house. I was very negative about this but knew I had to. I knew a fair amount about nutrition, (as many fat people do) and knew nothing about exercise science.

At my workplace, there is an engineer who is an X-marathon runner, and currently a marathon cyclist. He has always been active in endurance sports and weight lifting in college. At the time I did not know it, but "He would become my inspiration." This guy Shaun is so scientific and methodical and no non-sense about training it's not funny.

Safe training was the key for me, as I was and still am very weak. I knew it was going to be a long road just to build a base and still am. I knew I had to build both the cardio systems, muscles, ligiments, tendons, and bone and it would take a long time. Here's where I started: I bought a downloadable Polar Heart Rate monitor. I have recorded every every workout. This one tool brought me where I am today. Meeting new goals constantly.

I started on the treadmill and stayed on it for 8 mos. I did not want to trash my joints, and it worked. On the onset I could not run 100 yds at 5 mph for more than one minute. Same basic thing for weights. I cross trained on the stationary bike, elipiticals, stairtrainer, free weights and weight machines. I am still at the gym and love it! I bought a software program called "Fitday" and use it from time to time to stay on track.

Had to learn what and how much to eat. I use Whey also. Today I run 5 times/week and my long run is currently 7 miles at 11min32sec/mile. I have run in 5-5K races and have beat every prior race time. Fastest time is 9:32. I have not kept up with the weights as much as I should, but have returned to them recently. I realize I need strength training incoorperated with the running as this has become a love of mine. I am not breaking records but after a little over a half of lifetime of sedentary lifestlye its amazing how the body responds to a new lifestyle of fitness.

By the way nutritionally, my cholestrol came from 256 to 175 in a 1 1/2. Glucose from 114 to 99 and all still dropping. In two more yrs I'll be where I want to be. Hopefully I can enter old age gracefully and in better shape than most 25 year olds in the US.

Always nice to hear a success story and thanks for your site again,

Gary Hennessey

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